Given this background, the following is worth reading.

Organisational culture building programmes can only be effective if managers use them as a kind of Trojan horse to influence formal programmes, prescribed communication channels and human resources policy. It is only when the formal course is set that changes in the organisational culture will occur.

Translated from German: Ibold, Frank; Kühl, Stefan; Matthiesen, Kai (2018): Den Wandel richtig managen. In: Harvard Business Manager (3), p.34

What Ackoff is teaching us is that the product of a given system — the essence of what it produces — is not the sum of the behavior of its parts, it’s the product of their interactions.

Hesselberg, Jorgen (2019): Standing on the Shoulders of Giants: Russell Ackoff.

The Cynefin Framework

Hughes, Pam: Evolving Your Company Using a Systems Thinking Approach.

The Cynefin Framework (Hughes, based on Snowden/Boone 2007)

Snowden, David J.; Boone, Mary E. (2007): A Leader’s Framework for Decision Making. In: Harvard Business Review (11).

Achieve Goals by Coherence

We are further hampered by cognitive limits to our understanding of the effects of other people’s actions and our own. Most executives believe they can take in and make sense of more information than research suggests they actually can. As a result, they often act prematurely, making major decisions without fully comprehending the likely consequences for the system.

Sargut, Gökçe; McGrath, Rita Gunther (2011): Learning to Live with Complexity. In: Harvard Business Review (9).

The OKR Capability Model

Castro, Felipe; Montgomery, Dan; Karrer, Daniel: How to leverage OKR if your company is not Google.

The [Weekly OKR Tracking] Check-in is a short ceremony for tracking results. Weekly Check-ins are probably the most powerful tool to make OKR tracking a part of the company culture.

Castro, Felipe: Tracking OKR Results with the Weekly Check-in.

When properly used, OKR can change the “cultural plumbing”

Castro, Felipe (2016): Stop Using Agile with Waterfall Goals.

How to Avoid OKR Fake News

Castro, Felipe (2020): How to Avoid OKR Fake News. Keynote at the OKR Forum Amsterdam 2019.

Helping product people transform systematically a vision to sustainable business #prodmgmt

Helping product people transform systematically a vision to sustainable business #prodmgmt